The project area ‘Bhattimines’ is situated on the Delhi-Haryana border in the South district of NCT of Delhi. Faridabad district of Haryana is the nearest district of Bhatti mines. The green ridge of Delhi ends with Bhattimines in the south which is actually the northern branch of the Aravallis and forms one of the most important geographical regions of Delhi. The region of Bhattimines has been a very popular mining site until the day when one summer day in 1990, seven mine workers fell to death in one of them. That rang the curtain down on three decades of unregulated mining in Bhatti, but it took the Army and the Delhi government a decade to transform the wasteland into a thriving forest with a vibrant ecosystem.
With this eventually people due to migration into the city in search of employment and other factors came into existence into this area which saw the existence of the 3 villages at Bhatti Mines viz. Sanjay Colony, Indira Nagar, Balbir Nagar are on the fringes of the Capital bordering Haryana have a population of about 30,000, a majority of whom belong to a tribe from Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Sanjay Colony, Indira Nagar and Balbir Nagar, located a stone’s throw from each other on the Delhi-Haryana border, collectively form the largest settlement in the country.
General living conditions in the area are as dismal as they are in the worst colonies in Delhi. The area is characterized by sub-standard housing, squalor, lack of security and development. People are mal-nourished with health, hygiene and educational indicators falling below average. Individuals and community they lack bargaining power to access their rights and benefits. Prevalence of common sicknesses, disability, social evils like alcoholism, drug abuse etc. is a common feature of such living condition. Lack of literacy, lack of skills and unemployment aggravate their condition.
This area was identified by Chetanalaya after a baseline research of the area; the interventions have been started from the early quarter of the year 2012. The responses from the people have been welcoming which poses a positive response for the interventions successful implementation.


  • 2 Non Formal Education Centres have been started.
  • Quarterly Medical Mega Camps in the area.
  • Assessment and Research Study on identification of differently abled is undergoing.
  • SHG formation have been started to avail government schemes for entrepreneurship.