Savda JJ Colony is a resettlement colony, which came into existence in the year 2006 and comprises of 25,000 families with a population of more than one lakh. Every year thousands of new families are added to the community as J.J colony is the area marked by Delhi Corporation to rehabilitate slum dwellers evacuated from the city. The migrants belong to states like Rajasthan, Bihar, U.P, Bengal, Gujrat and Maharashtra.
The entire settlement is divided into 12 blocks. As the case of other slums, the dwellers here also survive by taking up menial jobs in and around. Rickshaw pulling, running petty shops, auto rickshaw driving, street vending, domestic work and construction work are some other occupation they take up. Women also have to work to support the family but they are paid much less than men. Surging of small scale industries had caused an increase in child labour. Many social problems like poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, poor health and sanitation etc are also happening in this colony.
Chetanalaya empowered community through Self Help Groups, Children Parliament, conducted capacity building programmes to the community, skill development initiatives and Income generation activities to the women.


  • 29 children in Pre-School.
  • 38 children in non formal education centre
  • 16 SHGs with 191 members
  • Skill development for 50 youth