Rural Resource Management

Mahatma Gandhi says, ‘India lives in its villages. Though the urbanization of India is on fast-forward mode, according to the census 2011, 69% of Indian Population lives in the rural areas. Rural resource management is a concept which enables rural areas to utilize their most valuable resources to gain optimal results. It must help them to gain competitive edge by integrating all business process and optimizing the resources available in rural area. Poverty reduction and economic growth can be sustained only if natural resources are managed on a sustainable basis. A significant segment of India’s population, particularly the rural poor, depends on natural resources for subsistence and livelihood. Agriculture occupies a key position in the Indian economy and provides a source of livelihood for a majority of population.

Villages are the strength of the Indian economy. Chetanalaya focus on these villages to identify and strengthen the resources of their villages and make it useful for the livelihood. Continuous agriculture trainings and natural farming workshops are given to the farmers help them for sustainable agriculture practices. Still development trainings are given to women SHG’s to find their livelihood opportunitiesto eradicate poverty from rural areas. Haryana is a state having various agriculture practices which greatly contributes to the Indian economy. Intervention from Chetanalaya enhanced the capacity of farmers to do best practices in the field of farming and help the women to participate in the Panchayat decision making process.

Chetanalaya has undertaken number of interventions in promoting rural development and nation building. The interventions could be categorized into SHGs and Women Empowerment, Gram Sabha and Self-Governance, Skill Development Initiatives, Micro-Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Rural Health Development, Rural Youth Development

Skill development initiatives and micro entrepreneurship development programme (MEDP) training:-

Skill is a person’s ability to take up the challenges and to do it for it a better result within the time frame. Chetanalaya collaborated with NABARD and Rural Self Employment training institute (RSETI) and organized skill development trainings like tailoring, bee keeping, candle making, pickle making, beautician training, jute bag training, agriculture and farming training women groups and kissan clubs of different villages of Jhajjar and Rohtak district of Haryana. It will help them to do income generation activities and to meet their livelihood.

Agriculture and piggery farming training

Chetanalaya collaborated with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and NABARD conducted agriculture farming training to the Kissan clubs of Jhajjer and Rohtak district of Haryana the training helped the farmers to know about different schemes and subsidies related to agriculture farming. The farmers clarified their doubts regarding the cropping methods, pesticides and natural fertilizers to get the maximum yield from the field also shared the marketing opportunities of the crops in India. With help of Chetanalaya availing the loans from the banks, piggery farming was started by the kissan club of Titoli village.

Chetana Abhiyan

Chetana abhiyan is a campaign for women’s rights to increase the participation of women’s in the gram sabha of the villages. Haryana is state in which women lack behind for their rights of participation, decision making etc. monthly campaign are conducted in different villages of Jhajjar, Rohtak, Nuh etc. so that it helps them to the duties and responsibilities of panchayat to the community and women are ensured of their participation in the gram sabha and strengthen their voice for their rights.

SHGs and Women Empowerment:

Self Help Groups are one of the means to women empowerment and Chetanalaya has more than 350 SHGs to its credit in the 8 districts of Haryana. Trainings on management and maintenance of SHGs, refresher trainings, training on credit-linkage and many more provided.

Grass-root Governance:

73rd Amendment Act of the Constitution brought a sea-change in the governing of the country in the form of Panchayat Raj Act, 1992 emphasizing village level self governance. Chetanalaya makes its best in the proper implementation of the Act. Particularly Chetanalaya motivates the rural men and women to actively participate in the Gram Sabha and ensure their rights. A good number of women in different panchayats participates in the open-Gram Sabha, raises issues concerning women and children and get the things done. The number of women participating in the Gram Sabha has increased considerably.

Rural Health Development:

Health camps are organized regularly by Chetanalaya in the rural areas like Samargopalpur Khurd, Dattaur, Indra Colony (Rohtak District) and Chuchukkwas (Jhajjar District) and different villages of Nuh Block (Mewat District) and so on. More than 6000 villagers are benefitting of Chetanalaya’s Rural Health Mission every year.

Rural Youth Development:

Chetanalaya makes an effort to tap the resource from the rural youth. Personality development programmes, career guidance, formation of youth groups in different villages, are conducted. Chetanalaya envisages to form a youth group in every village that Chetanalaya works in.

As on 31/03/16

  • Chetanalaya collaborated with Krishi Vigyan Kendra( KVK), NABARD, RMK and DRDA for various programmes.
  • Women participation at the local governance increased to 35% in all the operational area of Chetanalaya in Haryana.
  • 78 Trainings/Workshops on sustainable farming practices with a total participation of 3006.
  • 103 Awareness Programmes on Panchayati Raj, Health Issues, Accessing Govt. Schemes & Gender Equality.