Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability & Elderly

Vulnerability is the situation of powerlessness and inability to attain the rights and privileges. This vulnerability is the root cause of marginalization. People in old age constitute the major portion of the vulnerable section of the society. Phenomenon of aging is a part of human life cycle which leads to social and physical vulnerability. Therefore it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Thus there is a need of transformation when it comes from within. In Chetanalaya we believe in inclusive growth and look forward to build an inclusive society; we have our strong focus on rehabilitation of people with disability and elderly.

Considering the size of population of persons with disabilities it is necessary to have proper rehabilitation strategies. In developing countries like ours, specific rehabilitation strategy, knowledge of rehabilitation practices followed in different countries and best practices world over is of significant importance.

In India 6.3% of the total population is constituted by the elderly. They are the major victims of marginalization and it makes their life pathetic due to isolation, insecurity, health problems and economic instability. All year around, we try to give various services to the people with disability in all the areas that we work. Assessments, follow ups required, referrals etc are a basic method that we follow to reach out and as per requirement we deliver them with the services required through the collaboration and assistance of other partnering NGO’s as well.

Every individual is unique and everyone has its own potentialities. People with disabilities often face barriers to participate in all aspects of society. Barriers can take a variety of forms including those relating to physical environment or to information and communication, technology. Chetanalaya in its venture of community based rehabilitation of the people with disability and elderly try to raise above all barriers and try to make them able to cope with day to day realities that they would face.

The major activities undertaken by Chetanalaya for elderly. are - medical, advocacy and group activity support to the elderly. For that purpose Chetanalaya arranged medical consultation camps, SHG trainings and programmes for the rights and benefits of elderly. As a measure to provide basic medical care to the poor elderly population in the vicinity of Sangam Vihar, Delhi Chetanalaya undertakes medical consultation camps for elderly and weekly physiotherapy camps. Under the initiative of Chetanalaya eye camps are also organized and needy elderly persons are referred for cataract surgery.

Once in a year Chetanalaya sets the stage out to bring out the talents of all these extraordinarily and differently abled people by organizing a cultural sports event ‘Ability-Utsav‘ a day when all our beneficiaries from throughout Delhi NCR region and Haryana gather at one place for a daylong celebration with enthusiasm, happiness and courage.

Chetanalaya arranges SHG training classes for the elderly to teach them about the objectives of Self Help Groups besides organizing consicientization programs for the elderly about their rights and privileges. The public also is made familiar with the issues and concerns of elderly through rallies and street plays.
Thus Chetanalaya along the other like minded organizations across the globe has been battling its way to cater to the needs of differently abled as much as its reach is concerned. Though at times there are limitations we try to do the best possible which is not just believing in inclusive society but taking a step forward to make it one.

As on 31/03/16

  • Chetanalaya ‘Vishesh Gurukul’ for mentally challenged children
  • Foundation Laid for a “Disability Resource Centre” at Rohtak.
  • Distribution of AID that increase mobility.
  • Participation in Special Olympics in Australia and USA by our Special Children.
  • 24 Physiotherapy camps.
  • 11 Disability assessment camps.
  • Inter generational gatherings
  • Old age pension reaching to 500 elderly from the most vulnerable families and Social support peer groups.
  • Mobile medical care is facilitated.