Low Cost Housing

On December 1948, the general assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the universal declaration of human rights. Article No.22 of the same mentions “Everyone as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization”. Housing rights are unmistakably part of international human rights law. The right to adequate housing is embedded in the universal declaration of human rights (1948).

Today, more than one billion people in this world live in slums and in developing world one out of every three people in the cities live in a slum. Slums are heterogeneous in nature and have informal settlement. A large number of government and non-government development players stand for making Indian cities clean and slum-free through a proper resettlement.

Chetanalaya’s housing programme traces back to the forced evictions of slum settlement from the heart of the capital city and their name sake resettlement in the outskirts of the city in the year 2004. Chetanalaya along with like-minded organizations campaigned for their shelter and safe housing which slowly turned out to be an elaborate rehabilitation of the internally displaced people with a stress on safe and low cost housing.

The first housing programme was inaugurated in Bawana in the year 2006. As the years have passed, Chetanalaya completed more than 500 houses in Bawana in different phases and has extended the housing parogrammes to Bhalaswa, Mukundpur and the slums and resettlement colonies. In the first phase, one hundred houses are completed in Bhalaswa and about 50 houses are being built in Mukundpur in the current project phase. Chetanalaya sought the role of (slum) community members as active agents in the process of meeting their settlement challenges. Taking a conscientized group of women as the center of community and the primary source of social development dynamism, the low cost housing programmes was facilitated through SHG’s run by the members themselves.

Through the housing programme Chetanalaya lightens the lives of vulnerable section of society by providing dignity and security. Completion of 600 low cost houses is a milestone in the history of Chetanalaya.

The background of Chetanalaya’s foray into low cost housing was the internal displacement of urban population due to forceful evictions and their relocation to the peripheral areas of the city that are devoid of economic opportunities and civic amenities. The housing programme that started among the internally displaced communities in Bawana has already been extended to other slums. The housing programme which is being implemented in partnership with different agencies is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the Delhi city slums.

Achievements as on 31/03/2022

  • Award for the best NGO to implement the low cost housing programme in India by Skoch Foundation
  • More than 800 houses constructed with toilets keeping in view the upcoming need of WASH in 5 major slums in Delhi NCR.
  • Identification of new beneficiaries every quarterly.
  • 189 houses constructed in 2016.
  • Community organization and educating the generation of basic human rights.