Intervention in Re- Integration

Integration (from the Latin word integer, meaning whole or entirely) generally means combining parts so that they can work together or form a whole. The intervention of re integration is one of the very new areas of Chetanalaya which was taken up last year. It is one of the very unique programme of Chetanalaya through which we reintegrate citizens who have been deported back to the home land after due to lack of proper documentation, expiration of visa, expiration of passport, illegal immigration etc.

Many Indians who go overseas in pursuit of finding jobs, higher education etc. go through the mode of contacting service agents who guarantee the individuals documents like visa, work permit license etc. which is required for an individual to go overseas in exchange of huge sum of money in lieu of payment. Due to the lack of awareness they sell their farming lands or apply for loans keeping their houses or land documents in return for the money that they have to pay to the agents. The agents get them a standard travel document to any of the countries mostly (London) and gave it to the clients who in most of the cases are not aware of what the document is actually valid for. And hence after the expiration of the document the client becomes an illegal migrant of that state. It is at this time that the security officials get hold of the client and the judicial procedures are followed there on. At this juncture there are certain international NGO’s who take such clients into confidence and counsel them to accept the deportation procedure and return back, for which Chetanalaya is partnering organization in the northern part of India along with CARITAS India. Chetanalaya through CARITAS India takes care of the returnees from the Delhi International Airport and analyses their skills and advises the future course of their livelihood generation with the money CARITAS allots them.

The purpose of intervening in such assistance is basically a way of rehabilitating such people who face low in esteem, low confidence level, peer group pressure, families are segregated, misunderstanding and disputes, unemployment etc. and in such complexities when they come back as a returnee it’s difficult for them to settle down with the changes that have taken place over the years when they were out from the country. So at Chetanalaya termed this intervention as integration because it’s not about only giving assistance but it’s about combining the scattered parts to reform and hence we give them a head start in the smallest way possible so that there is hope for those who wish for it.

Under the services of reintegration Chetanalaya does the following for the clients:-

  • Meet & Greet: - After the notification of the client’s arrival details from the partnering organization or the immigration office of London, Chetanalaya staff goes to the airport to receive the client and assist them in the onward travel to their houses. At times some clients are afraid to go to their houses, hence a temporary arrangement of stay is made for them
  • Consultation & Interaction:- After the meet and greet the clients are referred to make themselves available at a suitable time to come to the office of Chetanalaya for the first follow up meet. It’s an initial phase of interaction sessions, when the client is assisted to make a business model that can help him/her to start a small enterprise that would give him/her a fresh start. After a successful plan is made the client is helped in establishing a simple livelihood strategy that could help in re-establishment of life and various other factors of self-esteem, confidence, overcoming stigma etc.
  • Counseling & Therapeutic Sessions:- There are some client cases that require medical attention and hence proper guidance and assistance is also delivered to the client and the family members if required.

Achievements as on 31/03/2022

  • Rehabilitation of over 14 cases in the last one year with a rate of 100% sustainability.
  • Clients have started their livelihood through dairy business, carpentry work, shoe shops, saloons, transport business, taxi service etc. They have either established on an individual basis or through partnership basis with their friends and families.
  • Major businesses of the clients Cattle Rearing/Entrepreneur Ventures/Taxi Service/ Dairy Products, etc.
  • We are likely to expand our services in the following years for clients who have been booked under criminal charges and after serving rehabilitation period want to return back to India.