Promotion of Education

Making education a reality for every child is not an easy task. Holistic change in the lives of children is only possible when we tackle the root cause that continues to keep our children illiterate, hungry and vulnerable. The Rights of Children to Free and Compulsory Act, 2009 (RTE) has been notified on 1 April 2010, made free and compulsory education a fundamental right of all children in the age group of 6-14 years. The major activities driven by Chetanalaya include pre-school education, non-formal education, remedial education, admission drive, facilitation centres and policy advocacy.

Education is one of the best means of intervention in helping the community and children to develop themselves and to be groomed into good citizens. It is the most crucial investment in human development. Education strongly influences health, hygiene, demographic profile, productivity and all that is concerned with the quality of life. It plays a major role in improving economic opportunities for people, and enhancing their life style and skills and providing more productive employment. Chetanalaya’s operational areas are 15 slums in Delhi and some selected rural areas in Haryana.

Pre-School Centres

Chetanalya reaches in slums and resettlement colonies of Delhi and villages of Haryana to promote and access to free education for children and make them enrol in schools in their neighbourhood. Thousands of children are enrolled for pre-schooling in the Balwadis managed by Chetanalaya. Chetanalaya has prepared its own text book named “Bal Darshan”, which was scientifically designed to suit the overall integrated development of children. Teachers are imparted regular training on various methods/tools to make learning interesting and easy for kids. After the one-year programme, children are helped to enrol themselves in the nearby schools. Regular parent-teacher meetings are held to discuss issues affecting children like health, nutrition, hygiene, absenteeism, admission to formal schools and ensure quality education in the school.

Remedial Education Centres

The different educational centres like Remedial Education Centre (REC) and Non Formal Education (NFE) help the slow learners to bring them back to their studies and to prevent dropout rates from the schools. The classes are conducted for two hours every day after the school hours in these centres. This individualized coaching enables children to measure-up to their counterparts in the formal school. This programme is of great help especially for those children who have no facilities at home and less opportunity to study.

Admission Campaign

Chetanalya organizes Dakhila Abhiyan (Admission Campaigns) in the resettlement colonies and slums to conscentize the community on sending their children to access education. With support of MCD schools and Education Officers from Government department. Admission campaigns are very much beneficial for the illiterate parents as Chetanalaya animators enable them to complete the admission procedures.

Achievements as on 31/3/16

  • Currently over 50 centres catering to the Children
  • 403 new admissions through admissions campaign.
  • 29 parent teachers meetings with 1200 beneficiaries.
  • 7 right to education trainings with 176 beneficiaries.
  • Over 3238 children benefited through preschool and remedial classes.
  • Career guidance to High School Children.