Gender Mainstreaming

Chetanalaya’s has been always in forefront for supporting gender mainstreaming. Efforts for gender mainstreaming and promotion of equal participation of women and men in decision-making is an important development strategy of Chetanalaya as women continue to have fewer rights, lower education and health status, less income and less access to resources and decision-making than men.

Gender development is a strategy adopted by Chetanalaya to empower the women more and ultimately to re-distribute power among women and men. Chetanalaya conducts a series of training and awareness talks on gender-related issues like dowry, rape, domestic violence, matrimonial disputes etc. in all of its operational areas and thereby bringing them back to the mainstreams of society

There have been many criticism on the fact that Gender Mainstreaming has not been successful, over the fact that many useful measures and programmes have been initiated over the years but still some key factors needs more attentions like gender mainstreaming has not increased women’s participation in decision making process, improper implementation of gender mainstreaming and Damage to Previous Accomplishments.

Chetanalaya has kept a track of these fall backs and has to cater to the needs of gender mainstreaming in such a manner that the women and men have a better understanding towards each other and there is a gender equilibrium level maintained among the both. Chetanalaya has always tried to start such activities at the grass root level where it is most required and can be well understood if it’s conveyed in the rightful manner.

Chetanalaya tries to enhance the involvement of women in all the aspects of the interventions undertaken at various levels in order to ensure a growth that is not sidelined but inclusive as well. Over the years Chetanalaya has focussed and tried to streamline the aspect of gender mainstreaming and has been successful in empowering women in various field like, there have 25000 women working in SHGs, over 86women leaders working at the local governance level in the rural area of Haryana where Chetanalaya has its presence, 16 CBO’s/Mahila Sangathan, etc handled by women for the welfare of women at village level, and more than 75% of staff in Chetanalaya are women.

As we are 7 years short to complete our golden jubilee we would aim to double the progress that we are currently achieving and have an outcome that is clearly visible.

Achievements as on 31/3/16

  • Over 50 Women Groups (Mahila Mandals) to address women issues throughout Delhi NCR & Haryana
  • Regular Networking with the local administration to resolve Women Safety, Women Sanitation and Sensitization issues.
  • More than 500 alternative skill development trainings were given to Women in the last 10 Years.
  • More than 1500 Individual Entrepreneurship programmes started over the last 10Years and successfully running.
  • More than 250 cases resolved every year in the last 30 years at the grass root level pertaining to Domestic Violence/Girl Education/Gender Safety Concerns, etc.
  • Mahila Panchayat Programmes over the last 6 years in collaboration with Delhi Women’s Commission.
  • Partnering organization with DCW for Mahila Help Line 181 for New Delhi + Central Delhi Districts for the safety and protection of women.