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Chetanalaya is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXII of 1860 and is the social action wing of Archdiocese of Delhi which is the concrete expression of the social concerns of the Catholic Church in the given geo-political and socio-economic background. With the erection of Delhi Archdiocese in 1959 Church started reaching out to the poor in and around Delhi. It was at that time rightly called Catholic Charities.

For the first time an organizational approach to social action was begun in the year 1970 with the forming of “Catholic Social Action” with Fr. Vincent M. Concessao as its first director. He had returned to India that year after he had taken a Masters degree in Sociology in USA and underwent a year-long social action training in the Coady International Institute, Canada.

With four decades of existence reaching out to a million of people with a wide grass root level network in the slums & resettlement colonies of Delhi and villages of Haryana. Ensuring non formal education and formal school admissions to thousands of children every year Promoting rights of the children in the marginalized communities, forming thousands of youth and developing their employable skills, facilitating micro credit and livelihood programmes for forty thousand families, Ushering in development with a gender perspective, facilitating health-behavior changes in slums and remote villages, rehabilitating four thousands persons with disabilities, providing biodegradable alternatives to plastic & campaigning for environment protection, Reintegrating the deported non-resident Indians, Building low cost safe housing for the slum dwellers, Advocating the rights of domestic workers and rescuing the trafficked women for cheap domestic labour, Developing the village communities through equitable natural resource management, Chetanalaya has become a Phenomenon in the world of social development.

It is one of the trusted partners of Union and State Governments, National & International Development Agencies. Award Winner in different streams of development several times over, setting a trend of imaginative interventions and creating a culture of development dynamism.
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