September 19, 2022

Training on Credit Information System

Chetanalaya has been working in the sector for micro finance for the past 3 decades. It has mobilized women majorly in this sector and empowered them economically to be strong support to their respective families and in turn the community. Over the years over 30,000 women have been a part of the micro finance programme which propagates the goal of achieving income generation or in other words livelihood programmes so that these women have a sustainable development phase by having accessibility to micro finance.

Over the past many years as the changes in development in the sector of micro finance has advanced Chetanalaya also envisions to move forward with developing alternate advancement in technologies in the sector and empowering the women and the community in rural and urban sector of the organization’s presence with digitalization. Keeping such an idea in mind the management expressed its interest and researched for some software developing firms amongst which Bosco Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. was invited to give an exposure about their expertise in the relevant field of Credit Information System.

The management and the staff of Chetanalaya who have been working in the field of Micro Finance for the organization had a training programme on the above subject by the concerned firm. In the training programme the staff and the management gave their inputs on how the software should be designed for introducing and making micro finance available through technology in the palm of vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society.

Various inputs from the field that had been surveyed as a feedback from communities and the expertise of the staff were shared to the software developers which will be integrated into the software which in turn would be a revolutionized move that would be introduced in the micro finance sector for the under privileged community people.

Mr. Felix R (Director of Business Development for Bosco Software Technologies) who is managing the International Business of the firm in Dubai and USA had contributed an entire day in order to understand the working of the organization and the needs expressed in order to have integrated software developed with necessary customization for the organization. Chetanalaya is glad to move forward in this sector and introduce one of the best CIS (Credit Information System) to the urban and rural vulnerable communities for their ease and for the advanced functionality of the organization to cope with growing technological trends.

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