July 23, 2022


Education has always been the strength of the country, community and the marginalised. It is a collective responsibility of the society to make sure that everyone has access to education but somewhere we being a part of the society are unable to make sure that every child gets an opportunity to attain education, learn and play.

Realising the importance of providing opportunity to children to attain education, Chetanalaya organized a Scholarship Programme on 23rd July, 2017. Children who were shortlisted for the scholarship attended the programme with their families. Fr. Augustine Kuriapilly was the guest for the programme as he is the pioneer of the Annam Xavier Scholarship facilitated by Chetanalaya. 6 children have been awarded the Annam Xavier Scholarship and 10 children were awarded the Chetanalaya- Maestas Scholarship.

The programme started with a prayer by Fr. Britto followed by a welcome address by Fr. Savari Raj. He welcomed the gathering, particularly Fr. Augustine and Fr. Britto. He also introduced both the scholarships. He shared that the Annam Xavier Scholarship has been started by Fr. Augustine Kuriapilly in the remembrance of his parents and also talked about the Chetanalaya- Maestas Scholarship. This was followed by a sharing about the criteria of the scholarships. This was intended to motivate the children for working hard in the future.

Then the cheque distribution ceremony took place. First, the Chetanalaya -Maestas Scholarship Cheques were handed over to the children by Fr. Britto. Then, the Annam Xavier Scholarship cheques were given to the children by Fr. Augustine. After the ceremony, Fr. Augustine was requested to share some words with the gathering. Fr. Augustine in his address talked about the essence of helping, helping others and helping by the grace of God. We should help our fellow beings with whatever we have. He talked about education being the tool to fight poverty. He also narrated instances from his school life which motivated him towards education and initiative like the Annam Xavier Scholarship. He asked the children to make two commitments: one was to study and get education and the other being helpful to others. He also talked about communication and motivated the children to learn the effective means of education through the various art forms as well.

These words and sharing by Fr. Augustine became an inspiration for the children; these were his words of wisdom for the gathering. Fr. Britto also shared with the gathering about Fr. Augustine and we all took inspiration from him.
A vote of thanks was given to all the children and their families who attended the scholarship programme and a special thanks to Fr. Augustine for giving the scholarship.

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