June 16, 2022

IDWD - International Domestic Workers Day 2016

Every year 16th June is celebrated as an ‘International Domestic Workers Day’. This day was first adopted in 2011 when the United Nations approved of it. Domestic Workers have been subject to oppression and they have not been granted their rights for centuries. So the UN intervened to protect their interest and as a result the International Labour Organization passed the Convention 189 which contains the rights of domestic workers.

Every year, this event was celebrated in a mass level by Chetanalaya where many dignitaries and domestic workers had been invited. This year, the organization had decided to have the program at zonal level where the zonal leaders of the domestic workers would take the responsibility to organize this event. Thus the leaders could bring forth their leadership capacities and talents, as well as to ensure that a large number of domestic workers could participate in the event.

In this year International Domestic Workers Day were celebrated in 7 zones of Delhi –NCR in various days. The areas were Seemapuri, Taimoor Nagar, Chirag, Gurgaon, Dwaraka, Faridabad and Tilak Nagar. The programs were well organized in all these seven areas and around 2500 domestic workers participated in this event. Many dignitaries namely Deputy Labour Commissioner ( New Delhi ) MLAs, Counsellors, SHO, DCP, SDM, CWC Staff, High Court Advocate, Ex-Counsellors, Ex-MLAs, Social Worker,etc. were also part of this event. Many of the participants got an opportunity to show their talents through various cultural activities and speeches.

In all the places Domestic workers were given an opportunity to speak about their life experiences and the changes were brought by the interventions of Chetanalaya in the Domestic workers Forum and its benefits. A short glimpse of the history of Chetanalaya and its activities were briefed in the entire venue. The prime objective of the Forum is to ensure the protection of the rights of the domestic workers.

Various slogans such as “GHARELU KAAM ABHISHAAP NAHI HAI, JHAADU POCHHA PAAP NAHI HAI” & “HUM BHARAT KI NAARI HAIN, PHOOL NAHI CHINGAARI HAIN” were recited repeatedly which further energized the people. The women were greatly influenced by the speeches of the eminent personalities and realized that “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”.

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