April 25, 2022


A Child Rights Award Program was organised at Chetanalaya Narela on 25th April, 2017. The aim of the program was to acknowledge the children of the NCPs of Narela and Savda community for performing extraordinarily as NCP member and working on different issues in the area. 2 NCP children from Savda were also felicitated for their initiatives in Savda. The program also involved felicitating the different organisations, groups and stakeholders who have been working with us for the child rights. The Child Protection Committee members, the Child line members, the organisation such as Child Survival India, the CWC members were also awarded for their support towards to Chetanalaya’s initiatives.

The program was an amalgamation of Awards ceremony, cultural performances by children and sharing by the stakeholders. The program was hosted by children under the guidance of the Chetanalaya Narela staff. The CWC member, Ms. Reeta was the Chief Guest along with the Guest of Honour, Mr. Naved from Child Line Prayas. The children show cased their talent through dance, drama, poetry, etc. Children also explained the concept of Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament. Child Protection Committee members shared about their experience of working for their Children’s Rights.

The guests were really happy to see the talent of children and also praised the initiatives taken by Chetanalaya in the area. The program was attended and appreciated by the community members, particularly, women and children.
The Awards Ceremony motivated other children and their parents to perform well and work as an active member of their NCPs and CPCs so that the next year they are also felicitated for their initiatives and hard work. The groups have particularly done a lot of work with the drop out children and motivated them and their families towards education.

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