October 15, 2021

Child Protection Policy Training

A Child Rights training program for the staff of Chetanalaya was conducted on 15th October, 2016. Two areas were dealt in this day long training programme- Chetanalaya’s Child Protection Policy and Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament. The training was attended by 28 staff members and an intern of the organisation. The programme started with a prayer song followed by the Programme Manager’s brief address emphasising that the staff should keep themselves aware about the laws and policies for the children.

This was followed by an introduction round for ice breaking as the gathering came from different centres of Chetanalaya. The staff also discussed about their aspirations from the training to the internal trainers (Victor Sir and Programme Officer) for the day.

This was followed by the presentation on the Child Protection Policy which was important for the staff to know as they all worked with children.

After the Child Protection Policy was discussed, Victor Sir explained the objectives, evolution of the concept and benefits of Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament.

After the lunch break, a video on the rights of Children was shown to all and an interactive discussion took place.
Following this, the formation, election and meeting process was informed to all through a role play which was quite effective as the group present for the training was considered as a Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament and they all participated in role play. It was an example of learning by doing method.

The trainer also explained about the documentation that has to be done in the functioning of the Children’s Parliament pertaining to their meetings and all.

At the end, the staff was asked to frame an action plan and prepare Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament in their area and those who already had one, were asked to revive by conducting meetings and discussions with the children.
They were also asked to train their colleagues at the centre about the Child Protection Policy of their organisation.
A feedback was also taken from them which brings out the need for training on sustenance of the Children’s Parliament and the laws and policies for Children.

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