Intervention on Reintegration

Unemployed and in difficult economic conditions, many are ashamed to return to their families in India, who in many cases had sold their assets to finance their travel to Britain, empty-handed and as failures. Others can't return because they have destroyed their Indian passports to prevent deportation. Re-establishing their identity to obtain new travel documents from the Indian high commission in UK can take a long time.

Chetanalaya through CARITAS India takes care of the returnees from the Delhi International Airport and analyses their skills and advises the future course of their livelihood generation with the money CARITAS allots them. From arranging their documents Chetanalaya staff also picks them from the airport. This is called as The Meet and Greet Service.

The Returnee is then taken from the airport to the office of Chetanalaya and a counseling session called REINTEGRATION SERVICE is held regarding any issues he/she wants to discuss and what long term livelihood options does he or she have for his/her family .Speaking to the returnees here in Chetanalaya we hear the same story "I was told that life was good here. It's not just me, other boys came for work. You can see what state we're in; there's was no work, no government help. We sold land and took out loans to get me out of India. I don’t know what to say to my family back home?"We ask them to get practical now and look towards the future. We ask him to come again after some time when he/she has made up her mind about how to support their families. >

With 3-4 REINTEGRATION SERVICES and handholding’s we have been able to get 95% returnees self sustainable ,they not only support themselves but their families also till now, and we hope to make the figure 100%.>

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