Holambikalan J.J colony is situated on the out skirts of northwest Delhi. The population of this area is above 1, 00,000 with as many as 13,000 families. Majority of the people are internally displaced families and resettled there during the past seven to eight years.

The economic condition of the people dwelling here is very poor. Most of them fall below the poverty line. Men here primarily work as daily laborers in shops or in the nearby industrial area of Narela. Women generally stay at home, but some work as domestic workers or as daily laborers. The living condition of people here is very poor and filthy. There is just one health centre run by Government in the block, but the health and medication facility provided here is very poor. The Government hospitals are also very far, which makes them totally inaccessible for the residents of Holambikalan.

Chetanalaya began its development intervention in Holambikalan in 2005 when the internally displaced population started resettling there. Several programmes for the empowerment of women, promotion of the educational rights of children, development of skills of youth etc. were launched in Holambikalan.


  • 123 children in Remedial Education centers
  • 140 women trained in Cutting & Tailoring courses
  • 18 youth trained in computer courses
  • 24 SHGs with 443 members
  • 40 women in adult literacy classes
  • 4 children parliament with 60 members