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Disaster Management

With a community-oriented approach, CBR-office located at Bangalore, supports the social integration and improvement of the life situations of people with disabilities. The organization believes in working towards the self-reliance of people with disabilities.

The CBR programs are focussed on prevention and early diagnosis of potential disabilities besides supporting medical, educational and vocational rehabilitation programs for those who are already disabled. We also support programs for lobbying, self-organization and networking of disabled persons. In addition, CBR also supports programs and campaigns that create public awareness on issues of disabled that needs social attention.


Programs that would meet culture-specific needs and growth of specific groups and that would generate leadership among them to achieve self-reliance, social and gender equity accelerating collective growth.

Chetanalaya, 9-10, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, New Delhi - 110001
Phone: 91-11-23744308, 23347506; Fax: 27347293; Email: [email protected]