Improvement in the quality of life of the target group entails improvement in their health status. Considering the unhealthy environment in which the people of slums and resettlement colonies live and their high susceptibility to a large number of common and epidemic diseases, health aspects have always been part of Chetanalaya’s development programme. The focus of community health intervention is to prevent rather than treat a disease through the promotion of healthy behaviors. The important public health issues addressed by Chetanalaya are general health, eye care, mother and child care health, HIV/AIDS and T.B.

Health Education:

Chetanalaya undertakes health education as a means of raising health awareness among children, women and the community. This is done primarily through the help of animators and health workers in the project areas. Various aspects of health like nutrition, cleanliness, common diseases, preventive health care, immunization…etc are discussed in detail during the monthly parents-teacher meetings. The health worker in the area makes regular home visits and gives training to women on various aspects of health care like pre-natal& postnatal health care, ways of preventing communicable diseases…etc. Health awareness programmes by professionals in the field for various target groups were conducted in all centres. During different seasons of the year, when proneness to certain types of diseases like diarrhoea, dengue fever, typhoid, malaria…etc is high, special awareness programmes are organized throughout the colony on ways of preventing spread of such diseases as well as to treat those who are affected by them. Street plays were performed on the occasion to create awareness on health issues.

General Health Camps:

A number of general health camps are conducted in all centres with a view to provide treatment services. A team consisting of doctors, nurses and assistants were available at camp locations where the community people could come and have check-ups. Medicines for common sicknesses are provided at the camps and those who are in need of further medication are referred to various hospitals. First Aid is imparted to victims of sudden illness or injury until more skillful medical treatment is available. First aid may save life or improve certain vital signs including pulse. To promote the health of the community, training programmes on First Aid are organized

Special Health Camps:

Special health camps are organizing to meet the special health care needs of the under privileged inhabitants of the resettlement colonies & slums of Delhi and rural villages of Haryana, as they are provided only minimum access to these facilities. Chetanalaya enables the poor to avail the various medical treatments offered through the following special camps:-

Eye Camps:

Malnutrition and environmental pollution play havoc in the lives of the people, particularly children who have partial blindness and growing visual impairment. Eye camps are frequently organized to detect various eye problems, to give treatment, to provide spectacles etc. When some of them need further treatment or surgery, they are referred to hospitals, which come forward to help them. Cataract-problem affects the elderly. This is attended to in the eye check up camps. Awareness talks regarding eye care, preventive measures etc are periodically given in these camps.

Vaccination Camps:

“Prevention is better than cure”. Hence preventive measures are resorted to. People are motivated and made aware to adopt these measures in order to protect themselves and enjoy good health by building immunity to all types of viruses. Chetanalaya organizes vaccination camps. It advocates polio drops, and vaccination against common diseases.

Mother and Child Care Camps:

“A common problem met with in slums is malnutrition. It brings in low birth weight, premature babies, partial blindness, and deficiencies of vitamins, which cause disorders. Chetanalaya organizes regular mother and child care camps where expectant mothers and lactating mothers receive due advice and suggestions on medicines and nourishments they should take. They are also made aware of the preventive measures against some common illnesses that affect the mother and child

Mental Health Camps:

Confronting stress has become a way of life. In today’s fast racing competitive life everyone gets tensed up, due to problems in the family, in the office, in relationships etc. This leads to mental disturbances and disorders. Before it goes beyond control, the affected persons are given help right at the beginning stage.

DOTS Centres:

There is also a growing concern over the incidents of TB among the marginalized, rag pickers, rickshaw pullers and others who are constantly exposed to dust and air pollutants. Direct observation, treatment service centres have been established to treat these people. They have to be at time and again told about primary health, nutrition, cleanliness, personal hygiene, immunization and treatment.

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