One of the important aspects of the women’s empowerment programmes is to make the women independent. Self help group movement carried out by Chetanalaya is proved to be the effective strategy in the fight against poverty and corruption. This movement boosted the saving and entrepreneurial habits of these simple folk. In the past few years, thousands of women have enrolled themselves as members in the SHG movement. These women are motivated and trained to procure and save money for their benefit. This movement helps them to be empowered economically. They are empowered to access resources and wealth, and economic powers. The SHG movement gives social security for the weaker sections of the society in general.

Chetanalaya has engaged in forming federations at different areas to consolidate and sustain the growth of SHGs at the local level. Over 20,000 families have entered into SHG movement and profit by it. This has initiated several entrepreneurship training for women, which enabled 8000 women to engage in income generating activities. This movement appears to have made influence on the corporate sectors. Thus the banks and financial organizations like NMDFC, RMK have come forward to sanction micro loan assistance. It is heartening to know that hundreds of women have utilized this amount for their welfare activities.

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